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Bas van den Beld

Fake News: How to Fight against Fake Content

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About the speaker Bas van den Beld

An Online Marketing Strategist, expert and influencer on the Internet, Social Media Marketing, and Search Marketing, he is the founder and owner of and the founder of Speak with Persuasion. Bas is also an online marketing consultant, conference speaker, and trainer.

Bas has been awarded as EU Search Personality in 2015 and as the Best European Search Blog at the 2012 EU Search Awards, and works as an online marketing consultant, trainer and conference speaker.

About the talk

Some people may believe that the fake news phenomenon came about in the past few years, but it's not the case. In fact, the practice of creating fake content has been occurring for centuries, even millennia. His talk, Bas analyses how to fight against fake content. 

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