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Peep Laja

Get More Wins: Repeat Patterns in Conversion Optimisation

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About the speaker Peep Laja

Peep Laja is the founder of ConversionXL and CXL Institute, training marketers in all things data-driven, and running one of the world's most popular data-driven marketing blogs.

His specialty is conversion optimisation - helping companies get more revenue from their website. He has the knack for looking at vast amounts of various data, putting the picture together and translating that into necessary steps to improve conversion rate. 

Peep was voted as the most influential conversion rate optimization expert in 2015.

About the talk

When it comes to CRO and UX, it's typical to take tests from experts in the field into consideration. Peep tells us how to take advantage of the experiments that have worked for others and try them out in a useful way on our website.

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