What to do in Valencia during your visit to 'The Inbounder Global Conference'?

by Clara Soler

Spring’s arrival comes with a surprise. May will see the Major Event of Inbound Marketing in Europe. 19th and 20th of May at Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias of Valencia ‘The Inbounder Global Conference’ will take place, an event full of surprises in which you can enjoy a few days at the City plus music and color.

What is 'The Inbounder'?

It is an event born from the union of different experts and professionals from the digital transformation and innovation field in order to practice networking and sharing experiences so to become a landmark event in the sector of Inbound Marketing.

Along with the promoved activities, various talks will be held: talks an even lectures by industry professionals that will bring the world of marketing and technology to attendees.


What you offers 'The Inbounder' 

1. Networking opportunities.
2. 16 hours of Inbound Marketing. 
3. More than 20 different presentations by market leaders.
4. You’ll get to know some succesfull case studies.
5. The last trends in E-mail Marketing, Social Media and Content. 
6. The latest of the latest in analytics and SEO.



And you can learn all of the above thanks to the more than 20 speakers that will take part of the ‘The Inbounder’ planet: Fernando Macia, Director of Human Level; Gianluca Fiorelli, SEO Consultant; Felix Muñoz; Marketing and communications consultant (Coca -Cola , Telefónica..); Lisa Myers, Founder and CEO of Verve Search; Paolo Zanzottera; Bizonweb founder, among others. 

Here you can find all the information about the sessions of the two days of the event. On Thursday, the 19th of May we will start with a ‘Coffe time’ in order to get comfy and warm so to establish a first contact between the attendees. After that, we wil have a presentation of the event followed by the sessions that will take place throughout the day.

At the end of this first day we will have an ‘after work’ time baptized as ‘Beer time’, an opportunity to exchange opinions on everything we have learned during the day.

Second day will begin with three sessions loaded with the latest trends in Social Media, Strategy and Analytics, plus three 'breaks' throughout the day to 'exercise' networking among speakers and attendees. It may be a good chance for new business opportunities.

At the end of the day, another ‘Beer time’ will be held for all the attendants. Get ready for a farewell party that will have a lot surprises: snacks, music and… we can’t tell you more!

Are you staying for the weekend? 

Valencia is a city full of charming corners, restaurants filled with good atmosphere and gardens where you can get lost. The magic of this town is tangible in places like the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, the Barrio del Carmen, the Torres de Serrano or the Albufera.

Just where 'The Inbounder Global Conference ' takes place, you can access right to the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, one of the most flamboyant sides of Valencia. This site reunites culture, architecture and entertainment all in one place.

(Imagen: Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias)

The highlights of this remarkable site are: the Oceanogràfic, an aquarium full of surprises where you can find different marine ecosystems (a 85 feet tall structure hosts 7.400 species of fishes and invertebrated animals!). L'Hemisfèric and L'Umbracle: an area where you can enjoy various audiovisual projections along walking trough the gardens and visiting the art gallery.

If you try a boat ride by the Albufera river, you won’t want to leave Valencia. Albufera’s sunset are something that captivates all who visit. You can also visit the nearby beaches where you can enjoy a good paella.

Neighborhoods like Carmen or Ruzafa stand as the most trendy of the city: narrowed streets, enigmatic bars, hidden churches...

Don`t forget to take a Valencian Horchata with fartons! Nor the Ayuntamiento square, the Micalet tower, the Plaza de la Reina or the Serrano towers.


Where can I stay? 

'The Inbounder' has a list of acommodation partners where you will be welcomed as if you were at your own home. These are located near the event.
In addition, you can benefit from special discounts on your reservation by indicating the code "The Inbounder". You no longer have excuses! Valencia is waiting for you.


Clara Soler
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