The Inbounder 2018: Here’s what happened

by Laura Sánchez

28 world-class keynote speakers. 2 days of pure digital marketing. All the future trends in SEO, Social Media, Analytics, Content Marketing, CRO…More than 1,300 attendees from 40 countries. We give you all the details about Europe's largest digital marketing event.

If you missed The Inbounder Global Conference 2018, or you were one of the more than 1,300 attendees, but you want to refresh your memory, here's everything you need to know about Europe's largest digital marketing event, with links to all the presentations.

Gianluca Fiorelli

SEO Consultant and Web Strategist, specialized in international Inbound Marketing and SEO, was the event’s first speaker. “Visual search is one of the most important industries,” Gianluca Fiorelli affirmed. “If we analyze the sky in search of a star, it would take a lot of effort to find which ones are the disruptive elements. The same thing happens to us on Google.”

Fiorelli gave big pieces of advice to attendees: "Don't view visual search as something from the future. Act now! Just as Hannibal Lecter said: ‘We see with our eyes, not with our fingers.’  That’s why visual search is going to be so incredible in the future.”

Imago Mundi - The Present and Future of Visual Search and Marketing. from We Are Marketing


Aleyda Solís

An international SEO consultant, a service she provides through her firm Orainti-, as well as being a blogger (Search Engine Land, State of Digital, and Moz) and online marketing keynote speaker, Aleyda Solís dazzled attendees with her ideas about SEO project management.

“The success of an SEO process depends on the ability to really manage the process with the parties and the company’s resources well,” she remarked. “We have to start with a complete audit to understand the business and the site's state in context versus its competitors. It's important to give examples show it visually (screenshots), showing how the competitors do it. Every definition of an opportunity should be based on how critical it's going to be to implement growth."

SEO Project Management for Successful Processes from We Are Marketing


Alba Vargas & Daryn Smith

Alba Vargas, Head of Scalability at We Are Marketing, and Daryn Smith, CMO of We Are Marketing y Co-Founder of MPULL, explained the entire journey that they should undergo for a business to grow, going beyond digital marketing: aligning employees, customer success, how to create evangelists, and unleashing the word-of-mouth effect.

“The human answer is often more effective than Google's," Vargas and Smith noted. "When you bake a cake, you mix many ingredients to generate growth. With the right ingredients, you can achieve ample growth for your company. We have to ask ourselves three questions: how can they find me, how can I make my customers spend more, and how do I make them loyal.”

Going Beyond Digital Marketing to Make Your Business Grow from We Are Marketing


Melanie Deziel

A Branded Content Consultant, keynote speaker, and educator, Melanie Deziel es one of the world’s leading Native Advertising experts. Her speech broke down the keys to successful branded content.

“As marketers, we have to give people what they want. Our target is only going to consume the content that's the most relevant and beneficial for them. If we can tell the truth with our branded content, we can offer content that has a greater impact," Deziel highlighted.

TRUTHful Stories: The 5 Keys to Compelling Brand Content from We Are Marketing


Marcus Tandler

The Co-Founder and General Manager of Ryte, Marcus Tandler talked about SEO in a company’s growth planes. “Many pages exist, such as forums, where they’re very-well positioned but not reliable. Therefore, Google wants more quality in their news. We can now tag fake content on Google News."

“The future is clear: do we write or search using voice? Let's act now. I never think about the future; it comes on its own. This recommendation from Albert Einstein won't work for SEOs. They shouldn't fight to be number one but instead, reach 0. Do it, or you'll die," Tandler declared.

SEO Will Never Die! Part 1 from We Are Marketing


SEO Will Never Die! Part 2 from We Are Marketing


Bas van den Beld

Online Marketing Strategist, expert, and an influencer on the Internet, Social Media Marketing, and Search, Bas van den Beld is the founder and owner of and founder of Speak with Persuasion. Bas talked about fake news and how to fight against them.

“Fake content gets created to incite the disruption of an idea, to influence the brain. The only thing we want is to get clicks; we don't care if the content is real. We can’t tell if something’s fake or no. Why? We like to know that our imagination is at play because we want it to take us to a different world," Bas van den Beld explained.

Fake News: Why We Believe Them and Why They Are a Marketing Thinkg from We Are Marketing


Talia Wolf

The Founder and Chief Optimizer at Getuplift, she’s considered to be one of the world’s most influential Conversion Rate Optimization Experts. Talia Wolf talked about conversion strategies.

“We know that our customer wants to feel appreciated and is looking for solutions. Analyzing a competitor's website and seeing what people's worries are is a good way to determine part of the content strategy. In this way, we can empower our customer, and we understand how we should talk to them for them to feel listened. If we only base ourselves on the data, we only take the transaction into account. When we listen to people, we get them to want to come back to our product again and again.”  

How to Create Experiences People Love to Convert from We Are Marketing


Ricardo Tayar

He also talked about conversion in digital business. Ricardo Tayar, Founding Partner of Flat 101. With an undergraduate degree in Law, a postgraduate degree in eCommerce, and a Certificate in UX and Usability, Tayar has more than 20 years of experience in the online sector.

“Conversion isn’t focused so much on figures, but on people. You need metrics, but you need to think about all the people behind those measurements. Conversion optimization is working on many things for it all to fit. The problem is that today, we only think about figures and measurements. Information and understanding take us to conversion,” affirmed Tayar. “We have to be sure that we’re telling the right things to the right people, but also in the right way. The key to conversion is understanding users.”

It's a long Way to the Top if you Wanna Rock 'n' Roll: Main Drivers & How Conversion Works in Different Markets from We Are Marketing


Cindy Krum

The Executive Director of MobileMoxie LLC (previously Rank-Mobile LLC) and a frequent speaker at online web marketing, social media marketing, and international SEO events around the world, Cindy Krum talked to attendees about Mobile Search.

“Links constantly change, or they get bought, and Google always has to stay up to date. Sometimes things get lost, but does this matter or not? Google’s been constructing this knowledge graphic. If I search for yoga, it’s going to give me the knowledge graphic about what yoga is, and not only places where to practice it. It’s going to explain its history to me, and I’m going to be able to keep learning and getting more into depth about the concept.”

Mobile Search is the New Normal de We Are Marketing


Jono Alderson

An SEO at Yoast  and very well-known and respected professional in the digital marketing industry, Jono Alderson left the audience with their mouths open during his talk, “Digital marketing is dead.”

“Users prefer platforms. Maybe it’s only another way for advertising to interrupt. In the long-term, it possibly may turn into a platform. It’s here where users want to, at least, want to buy things. The business is buying through Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords platforms; it gives the chance to react with media outlets,” Alderson explained.

Digital Marketing is Dead: Survival Tips for What comes next from We Are Marketing


Valentina Falcinelli

The CEO of Pennamontata, Content Designer & Strategist, and Copywriter, Valentina Falcinelli talked about the importance of the tone of voice. "We have to stop being companies and start being people. We have to choose words with great care. With punctuation. We derive our brand personality from our brand values. And we have to work on it. Why? Because if we want to connect with others, we need be people ourselves."

Tone of Voice. A Ton of Tips from We Are Marketing


Samantha Noble

Previously the Marketing Director at Koozai, she’s founded her own Paid Marketing Agency: Biddable Moments. Samantha Noble is also the Founder of  Digitalfemales, Chief Editor of Stateofdigital, jury member of the #SearchAwards, and international keynote international.

Noble focused her talk on paid media strategies on reaching clients through the marketing funnel. “We have to get everyone involved on this journey. We have to cover all areas. Covering every phase of the funnel is fundamental to this growth especially in online sales."

Paid Media Strategies to Target Customers Throughout the Marketing Funnel from We Are Marketing


Krista Seiden

Analytics Advocate at Google, Krista Seiden promotes the effective use of analytics, the mobile experience, and website optimization, among other tools.  

“You can’t have a good growth rate without a good data construction. There are five parts of the funnel. They say that digital marketing has only focused on the top of the funnel: in awareness and conversion. They say that this isn’t everything because there are more phases: retention, revenue, and referral. And this is what a growth marketer does.”


Lexi Mills

Managing Partner at Shift6, Lexi Mills talked digital storytelling. “Journalists find themselves in continual change. Databases like Gorkana show this flow of changes and help us get familiar with what type of publications are active. They help us get to know what we can talk about with the outlets we have within our grasp."  

Digital Storytelling and the Future of Marketing from We Are Marketing


Ashley Friedlein

Founder of Econsultancy, he’s one of the most influential figures in the digital marketing industry. Ashley Friedlein has explained in his talk how to implement  M3 (Modern Marketing Model).

"Digital marketing is quite technical, not strategic, but that tactic should influence the strategy. It’s tactical because it's part of traditional marketing. They have to exist in an integrated manner, like in the 3M Model. If we don’t make an effort to understand the basic marketing principles, you’ll never be a Marketing Director, because digital marketing isn’t everything. If you’re from the traditional marketing camp and you don’t want to embrace digital, you’re not going to have a job. The idea is to recognize the strengths from both sides and bring them together.”

M3 (Modern Marketing Model) from We Are Marketing


Russell McAthy

The CEO of Cubed, Russell McAthy explained how to analyze the conversions of your visits, and gave examples of the many commercialization channels. “The people that are outside the digital world don’t understand what we can do with so much data. Thanks to data, we can change people’s minds a give us basic information. Thanks to data we can change minds and the way people work.”

Consumer Not Customer, Value Not Revenue, Actions Not Numbers from We Are Marketing


Purna Virji

Considered to be one of the leading Voice Search experts, Purna Virji talked about the search industry. "A little while ago, the only thing we wanted to do with our phone was download songs. But Microsoft already envisioned a smart house in 1990, and now has turned it into a reality. Now, everything's changing thanks to technology, in cloud computing, in Big Data…All that is giving life to smarter experiences. Digital assistants can integrate with a brand to have interactions and not just voice search."  

2018: A New Search Odyssey from We Are Marketing


Mike King

The CEO of iPullRank, Mike King explained what you should do when best practices don't have the desired effect, and nothing's working the way you thought. "We have to have an idea of what's going on when we make a change. Later on, we should then put our ideas into practice and analyze what happens. The most important thing is that we need to get out of Excel and use new tools to measure our data."

What to do when everything goes wrong from We Are Marketing


Peep Laja

The Founder of ConversionXL y CXL Institute, Peep Laja talked about how gain ideas that have worked for others, based on UX research studies. “This is optimization. You have an objective, later you have to experiment, and finally, we get there. But since we don't want to do anything, optimization is getting maximum results with minimum effort."

Get More Wins: Repeatable Patterns in Conversion Optimisation from We Are Marketing


Lindsay Wassell

Lindsay Wassell talked about the importance of online reputation in the fake news era. "What we do online has a place for all of eternity. So, take care of your online reputation. What we want is to make negative content move down web positioning creating positive news that is more relevant and surpass them."  

ORM - How To Do Online Reputation Management in the Fake News Era from We Are Marketing


Mauro A. Fuentes

Social Media Director at El Corte Inglés, Mauro A. Fuentes talked about how to fight against algorithms with relevant content. "Effective content should be relevant, entertaining, and useful at the same time. If you're not conscious that it's marketing, you'll consume the content, and the brand will have left you convinced. We can create a story around our brand."

How to Skip the Algorithms Creating Time Relevant Content from We Are Marketing


Oli Gardner

Co-Founder of Unbounce and one of the world’s most-recognized digital marketing and CRO experts, Oli Gardner surprised attendees with his talk: “Frankenpage: Using 1,000,000 Little Pieces of Data + Design to Reverse Engineer the Perfect Landing Page."  

“Every conversion opportunity is unique. Every context is different. The design is more important than we tend to recognize. If you don't do it well, communication can be a problem.”

Frankenpage: Using 1,000,000 Little Pieces of Data + Design to Reverse Engineer the Perfect Landing Page from We Are Marketing


Wil Reynolds

CEO of Seer, Wil Reynolds explained how any person that uses Excel couldn't enjoy the vast advantages that tools like Data Studio, PowerBi, or Tableau can provide, and geared attendees towards learning innovative techniques for their company. “Rankings are different now. We have to understand algorithms professionally to give us visibility."  

Excel is for Losers, Go Big Data or Go Home from We Are Marketing


Joanna Lord

CMO de ClassPass, previously VP of Marketing at Porch, CMO at BigDoor Inc., and VP of Growth Marketing at Moz, Joanna Lord explained how to build a great marketing team. “Companies should structure themselves for now, not for forever. We should constantly reinvent ourselves. Don’t organize the company’s structure around one person. You’ll waste a lot of time in the long-term.”  

What Makes a Great Marketing Team from We Are Marketing


Rand Fishkin

Founder of  SparkToro. Founder of Moz. Co-author of books about SEO and Co-Founder of Rand Fishkin put the final point on the event, with his talk about search marketing.  “Ranking capability isn’t agnostic to the website. Google lies to us when it says websites don't accumulate ranking signals. If you're gaining in links consider this: Are my competitors gaining more in brand searches? We have to learn to influence what they look for, for those that don't abandon Google."

Search Marketing's Evolution: 2018 and Beyond from We Are Marketing
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