Digital Marketing Manifesto: know the 10 principles for tackling transformation

by Isaac Vidal

An intelligent company strategy includes knowing what is happening in the marketplace in digital terms right now, but also knowing what will occur in the near future. The Digital Marketing Manifesto brings all this within your reach.

In recent years, technological advances in the marketing sphere have caused the most tried and true strategies for reaching one’s target audience, increasing sales and achieving the company’s goals to fall apart. In this context, inbound marketing constitutes a revolution, a U-turn in terms of online marketing by placing users in the epicentre of strategies, rather than products or services.


On this point, inbound marketing has been floated as a working philosophy, as a methodology which encompasses most of the effective strategies in the marketing sphere (such as SEO, social media, content and email marketing) and which, in contrast to traditional marketing, does not use techniques that are intrusive or even annoying to users. Its secret lies in interacting with customers (whether potential or end customers) in a friendly way, aiming to respond to their needs. Yet are we aware of the possibilities this offers us, of where we can go with this? In answer to such questions, a group of experts led by Gianluca Fiorelli, the Brand Ambassador at We Are Marketing, created ‘The Inbounder’.

The Inbounder: our mission

The Inbounder’s goal is to become the movement of reference in the inbound marketing sphere, offering talks, workshops, Road Shows, think tanks, conferences and many other activities that cover topics such as SEO, content, digital marketing, social media and analytics. Knowledge of the latest trends, of the most innovative and practical tools, of the way companies and customers behave in the market while discovering everything that benefits our companies and keeps us in the lead comprises The Inbounder’s leitmotif.


The Inbounder: the Manifesto

In our first Think Tank on inbound marketing in Spain, over 50 professionals met to talk about the future of marketing, the current situation and the changes that will occur in the different disciplines of inbound marketing. Yet why was everything that was discussed not made public? We couldn’t pass up a chance to share all this knowledge, so we got organised to make something larger of this. That was the birth of the Digital Marketing Manifesto: 10 Principles for Tackling Transformation – over 130 pages containing a summary of the conferences and speeches by such prestigious professionals as Rand Fishkin, Aleyda Solís, Fernando Macià, Bas Van del Beld, Lisa Mayer and Gianluca Fiorelli, and including the conclusions of this first think tank summarised in the ten transformation principles that the experts helped us to identify:


  1. Innovation
  2. Business culture
  3. Multi-discipline
  4. Customer-centricity
  5. Buyer experience
  6. Be different, be relevant
  7. Omni-channel
  8. Multi-format
  9. Self-adoption and automation
  10. Technology and technical disciplines


We close this manifesto with a practical case that analyses the tourism sector: ‘Disruption in the travel sector’. The concepts of travel, leisure and free time have been shaken up by the consolidation of the digital ecosystem, so we need to adapt to the new conditions, taking into account the opinions expressed by travellers after using tourist services and the capability such travellers have to influence third-party opinion, even perfect strangers, as a result of a simple digital conversation.


Because this is not just one more manifesto, not even an analysis of the current situation by a group of professionals. The Digital Marketing Manifesto: 10 Principles for Tackling Transformation goes one step beyond, offering you the keys on which to base your business strategy to stay ahead of the trends and achieve your company goals.


Isaac Vidal
CMO de We Are Marketing
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