10 reasons to come to The Inbounder London

by Gianluca Fiorelli

Still deciding whether or not to come to The Inbounder World Tour in London, May 2nd? Let me give you 10 reasons why you can’t miss it.

If we look at any list announcing the digital marketing events being held during the year, we find an endless sequence of conferences being held only in the U.K.


The question that you may ask yourself then might be:

“Why should I attend The Inbounder London instead of any of the others?”

A legitimate query. And the answer is in our event tagline, which defines the nature of The Inbounder:


The actionable digital marketing conference.


Yes, we are actionable and we have put all our efforts into making the agenda a collection of talks that will inspire you through actions. You know what they say, “lead by example.”


As I have said more than once before, I don’t measure the success of The Inbounder from the impact it may have on Social Media, but from the number of notes the attendees are taking during the event.

Well, OK! I get that maybe this is not reason enough for you come to The Inbounder London on May 2nd, so here are 10 more reasons to convince you: 



1 – The Speakers


The speakers at The Inbounder, unlike many events, are not selected after a free pitch session. Instead all its speakers are personally invited to speak. 

The reason is simple: a good pitch is not necessarily synonymous with a great keynote session.


This is something I have learnt from my years attending (and living the backstage experience) of dozens of digital marketing conferences.

When preparing the agenda, the first thing I think about is always the topics I would like to see covered in The Inbounder; the ones I know people want to know more about. Then, I start writing that long list of potential speakers who I have personally seen speaking at other events, on video recordings, or presenting a deck in a webinar or virtual conference.


I followed this very procedure for selecting the speakers of The Inbounder London, and I think nobody can doubt the expertise of our confirmed speakers, such as Jono Alderson, Tom Anthony, Nichola Stott, Hannah Smith, Hannah Thorpe, Kirsty Hulse, Kelvin Newman, and Olga Andrienko.



2 – The Attendees

A conference is not only a place where you sit down and listen to some speakers (however good they may be). A conference is also a place where you share your ideas and get to know other marketers just like you face-to-face.


And this why I like to check out and dig into the biographies of The Inbounder attendees, because in doing so I can discover people who are such experts themselves that they could easily jump on the stage and speak about their area of expertise.


Just to name some of The Inbounder London attendees: Dawn Anderson, Himanshu Sharma, Tim Stewart, Geoff Kennedy or David Bain. Impressive people, right? The Inbounder London is a great occasion to network in a relaxed environment and to create serendipity.



3 – Advanced and Unique Talks

Why go to a conference if we have hundreds of blogs about SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing?


Another simple answer: because I personally took care of the talks presented at The Inbounder, and they are the kind of talks I myself would pay to hear live. 


No empty, inspirational talks are allowed at The Inbounder, neither are basic ones.


The speakers will dig into advanced topics, but they will present them both in an actionable way and in plain English.

Not only this, the speakers invited to The Inbounder are requested to present entirely new talks, or at least completely updated versions of a previous, interesting one.



4 – Mobile and Performance

Google has announced that starting next July, every day is a good day for the roll out of the Mobile-First Index.


For this reason, I asked Nichola Stott to present a practical deck about how to prepare for this epochal shift in how Google will work, and to do it by telling us what her and her agency are already implementing on their clients’ websites to tackle this.


This change to mobile also means that speed will become an important ranking factor, or so told us Googlers like Gary Illyes at the last SMX West.


The Inbounder will provide advanced information on the speed side thanks to Jono Alderson, who will talk about the most advanced techniques like HTTP/2 and Progressive Web Applications.



5 – Real Content Marketing not only cool case stories

Content Marketing and Content Campaigns are a key facet of SEO and Digital Marketing.


As a conference attendee myself, many times I have felt that the talks about these two fundamental areas of web marketing tend to be a list of success stories, which are indeed interesting and inspiring, but they don’t really offer me ideas that I can translate to my clients’ or my company’s strategies.


And I didn’t want to offer that kind of session at The Inbounder.


For this reason, I invited three of the most reputable experts in content based campaigns to share with us their own experiences and offer us actionable ideas, tips, and practical inspiration for three frequently asked (but seldomly well-answered) questions:


  1. How to find creative ideas even when you think you are lacking inspiration (Hannah Smith);
  2. How to scale Content Marketing and obtain visible ROI from your campaigns (Kirsty Hulse);
  3. How to be creative even if your client/company is in the most unsexy niche you can ever imagine (Hannah Thorpe).



6 – Social Media, just the facts

Social Media is not simple. And creating a community around your brand is even harder. Social Media is about data, knowing your audience and their psychology.


Olga Andrienko, who is backed by the undeniable growth SEMrush has had in the last years thanks to its focus on creating a strong community around its own brand, will reveal to us what strategy they designed, what triggers they used, and how A/B testing and data analysis were the keys to their success.


7 – Discovering new opportunities

Going to a conference like The Inbounder is not only a chance to find great answers to big problems, but also an opportunity to discover new things and make them part of our Digital Marketing strategy.


For The Inbounder London event I asked Kelvin Newman to talk about a new and underrated content format: podcasting.


Thanks to his experience in the field, Kelvin will present us the Dos and Don’ts of audio marketing and how to take advantage of it for our marketing strategy.


For the same reason, I invited Russel McAthy to talk about something that the sheer mention of it reminds us of hours of horrifying boredom:  forecasting.


Russel will present a practical way in which us SEO professionals can – finally - present  our contribution to the growth of clients’ businesses in a tangible way, allowing us to request larger budgets that are more aligned to our efforts.


8 – Talking about Google’s future and how we can truly take advantage of it

Who has never heard of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language, Predictive Search, APIs etc.? And how many of these topics are discussed just by presenting patents and papers?


The Inbounder is a conference that aims to offer its attendees the keys to always being one step ahead of the competition, and that is why there is a focus on the future trends of search.


But knowing these trends and having no clue how to use them is useless.


But don’t worry, Tom Anthony and I will give dozens of actionable ideas to be the best in SEO thanks to the evolution of Google.


9 – The Price

Let’s be honest: organising an event is not cheap.

However, I think that attending a digital marketing conferences shouldn’t be a synonym for losing an arm and a leg, and since the first experimental edition of The Inbounder I wanted to keep the cost of the tickets as affordable possible so that young marketers could attend as well and not just waiting for good recap of it afterwards.


The Inbounder London ticket costs only £100 Pounds (VAT Included) with our Early Bird discount until April 16th, the normal ticket price is £200.


Not only were we offering an Early Bird discount, but if you and a group of friends or teammates would like to attend together you can buy 2 tickets and receive a 3rd for free! And all this without lowering the quality of The Inbounder London.


10 – The Party


One of the “secrets” behind our cheap ticket price is that our sponsors were also included in the organisation of the event itself.


SEMrush loved this idea, and has taken care of The Inbounder networking party for us following the event, which is definitely not to be missed.


We aren’t stopping yet! We are continuing to define the last minute details of this party, but I assure you that you will love the place and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of The Inbounder party.




Gianluca Fiorelli
SEO Consultant
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