What is The Inbounder?

The Inbounder is the result of a convergence of diverse expert professionals with concerns in the sphere of digital transformation and culture, willing to share their knowledge. The brainchild of Gianluca Fiorelli, The Inbounder came into being with the goal of becoming a reference point in the inbound marketing world. Talks, road shows, think tanks and conferences are some of the activities we organise with the aim of ensuring that the experts’ knowledge reaches everybody who is interested in the changes occurring in marketing and technology.

The Inbounder keeps growing.

This is merely the beginning of a long journey. If you are one of those restless people interested in knowing more about inbound marketing, join us. 

Global conference
The foremost international experts in digital marketing meet in Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences
The movement The Inbounder will not stop, find out where we'll be