The Inbounder World Tour New York: The Experts Speak

by Gianluca Fiorelli

More than 160 professionals from the digital world gathered on May 22 to share best practices in the third edition of The Inbounder World Tour at the Microsoft Technology Center in New York. We interviewed five of these professionals, who shared with us their best strategies.

Technology has come to stay and new techniques have changed the way companies operate. Mike King, Managing Director at iPullRank, went further: “There will come a time when machines will be able to think and feel”.


The main advantage of automatic learning systems in general, and especially for SEO professionals, is, according to King, “audience segmentation and content classification”.


For anyone who wants to specialize in SEO, Mike King gave wise advice: “Adapt to a changing world. The techniques that are being implemented now surely will no longer be applied in a few months. It’s important to recycle, to continue learning and, above all, to be curious about trying new techniques. This is what will differentiate the great professionals from the mediocre ones”.





In the world of SEO, it’s also important to know the best techniques in local SEO. Lindsay Wassel, CEO and Digital Marketing Consultant at Keyphraseology, noted that “the most important thing is to know what exact data is included in this type of searches. Today, there is a lot of information on Internet and great presentations on YouTube about new trends in local SEO. There are hundreds of microelements in this sector, and that there are people willing to research each of them to make them available to the public is something very valuable”.





Just as SEO strategy is important in the digital world, we also need to learn how to implement a good CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) system. Ricardo Tayar, Founding Partner of Flat 101, explained the best techniques in this sector. Above all, he emphasized that “everything depends on the problem you have with the system or the interface. There are tools that are old but very effective and can be used in CRO projects. Other times, you are required to use the latest tools on the market. It’s important to know what kind of tool to use depending on the type of project you are carrying out”.


As for UX (user experience), we should always focus on the user. Although it seems obvious, according to Tayar, not all companies are so clear: “The biggest mistake, and the most common one, that companies make today is that they don’t stop to think about what type of user they are targeting. They design thinking about themselves, how they want their interface to be used, instead of the real needs of users”.





The digital world once again shows us that the customer must always be the center of attention of all companies. And, to attract customers, a basic rule is to take care of advertising strategy and content.


Melanie Deziel, Brand Content Consultant, Speaker and Educator, explained the strategies for advertising that’s different from traditional formats (advertisements). “In Brand Content you have many tools available (articles, photos, videos, infographics...). The challenge now is to take another step towards new technological formulas for the advertising market, such as virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality. All this, to differentiate and make a different advertising”.


These techniques are not only available to large corporations; small companies can also achieve this challenge: “Everyone can do it. Studies show that 51% of new local websites offer this type of advertising. The goal is to differentiate themselves in social networks (such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter), work on blogs, magazines, newspapers...”, added Deziel.


As in every business process, the key to success lies in the team: “It’s imperative to bring together the experiences of the whole team: editors, journalists, photographers, illustrators... Strengthen your values ​​and that will make you learn more and be stronger in your sector”, said Melanie Deziel.





Just as there are new techniques to develop different advertising formats, technology has also changed the way we write. Tom Critchlow, Freelance Strategy Consultant and former PMM Special Projects at Google, said: “It's important to have people with different backgrounds, master all types of formats and has managed communities”.


When it comes to selecting the best professionals, Critchlow is clear: “They have to have excellent writing, with enough experience to generate interesting content. It’s also important that they have a lot of imagination, able to develop a good storytelling”.


Tom Critchlow added that these professionals “must have criteria when writing, knowing what is important and why is writing this. Definitely, to have clear content strategy”.





If you missed the New York event, don’t worry! The Inbounder will continue its journey with the next stop in Milan, next September 15.


Get your entry now and be sure to bring your colleagues to another amazing day of networking and knowledge.



Gianluca Fiorelli
SEO Consultant
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